The night lighting is one of the smallest, but very important decorative elements. Bedside lamp with a shade is a nice addition to our rooms, that light is soft and romantic. A night lamp in a quiet corner where you like to read your books or watch your family albums is always something special - a relaxation and calmness.

Bedside lamp with a screen also offers an ideal lighting in the room of your child. Minimalist frame with a warm light color will make your child feel safe and rested.

By choosing our bedside lamps guarantees we have a high quality and an incomparable design.

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Steel light with engraved light bulb pattern

Product no.: KK-SSHAAK

86.06 € *

Exceptional wall light with bulb pattern

Product no.: KK-SSINGE

71.67 € *

Wall lamp with engraved light bulb pattern

Product no.: KK-SSHARA

57.28 € *

HOP Design LATERNE. The Lantern Lamp is a universal product

Product no.: Latarnia-HopDesign01

169.00 € *
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