Hanging candleholder ring-Retro-Rustic-Vintage-LoftMarkt


Hanging candleholder ring-Retro-Rustic-Vintage-LoftMarkt

Product no.: RU-AF.794.378.60

production time: 1 bis 2 Wochen

Price incl. VAT, plus delivery

Model: AF.794.378.60

Hanging candleholder ring

The unique decorative candle holder for a candle with wick, has the possibility of hanging.

This candlestick gives the perfect furnishing possibility, the arms of the candlestick can be decorated with the branches of the boxwood or in the Christmas time with branches of fir.

The long-lasting action of moisture can cause the product to become covered with patina. This is the natural defense against corrosion.

Technical specifications:

Realization time: 1-14 days
Height: 560mm
Material: steel
Color: raw

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