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For any questions or complaints, you can contact our customer service by phone:

+49 40 307 251 54 and e-mail at

For inquiries you can also use the contact form on our website.


Common questions and answers:

How to order at
You've discovered a suitable product and want to buy it like? Then you need simply click only on the button "Add to cart". If you would like to buy more of the same products, you can enter it manually or use the "+" button like the number of desired items. Your products get into the basket and you can directly go to the checkout by the top of the right corner on "shopping cart" click.
If you are already registered with yourself here only your address and a desired payment method select. Your purchase will be confirmed via e-mail and prepared for delivery after receipt immediately.


What happens after completion of an order from continue?
After your purchase, you will get a confirmation e-mail. It includes all details for sale included: in particular, the total cost including shipping costs and the method of payment for You chose.
For offerings with various customization options, as well as larger quantities, you should do this before buying even discuss with us. Just send us us at the following telephone number a message or call: 040/307 251 54
Once your payment has been received, your order at the specified delivery address is submitted. About an evaluation after you have received the items, we would be very happy.


What payment options are available to me?
You can freely choose which payment method for you fits best.
We accept bank transfer or payment through PayPal, as well as immediate transfer.
When must a payment for the order?
The payment should be done as soon as possible, but not later than seven days after the confirmation of your order. Please be aware that each order represents a binding purchase agreement and we have put the product exclusively for you aside.


Add a review for my order, but how?
A few days after your order you'll get the details on your assessment of an e-mail. Share us and other clients what you think about, because every opinion is very important to us.
Your rate can be selected between 1 (very poor) and 5 (excellent) stars. Note that review comments not violate the law, copyright and trademark law in particular, and applies only to the purchase and the product.
Before you hand a bad review, you first try to put in Verbinndung with us so that we can find a solution to the problem.
If have any questions or problems, you contact our customer service is very happy to help.


How can I redeem a voucher?
You can add a valid coupon code for a range of products Redeem for which the voucher was given. To redeem the coupon, you put as usual the products in the cart. There you will have the possibility to enter the voucher and confirm. One difference is that immediately appear in the calculation table.


Can I specify different delivery addresses?
Addresses that you have already entered will be stored. However, you can simply enter the correct delivery address and update in any purchase process.


What to do if I do not receive my order I do?
If you have not yet received the purchased product, please check first if and when we have reached the payment. Should this be the case, then just contact us and ask you after delivery of your goods. Stay still, there are problems then we send mail to and we try as soon as possible to help.


I have a problem with your product?
If the product you have received, does not match your expectations or was damaged during delivery, please sit down with us, so that we can find a solution to the problem.


Can I cancel my order?
You want to return a product, it must be done within 14 days of this. Before that you have to announce your withdrawal - this should best be made in writing.
How's it going with shipping?
During the return shipping by the buyer to the seller is that a new legal provision was introduced in favor of the seller:
The consumer has to pay, unless it is otherwise provided by the seller, the cost of returning.


Can I return individualized product?
Note that the return schemes accounted for individually manufactured products. The right does not apply to goods that are produced according to your wishes. Products which are produced and delivered according to your specifications, are goods that are prepared exclusively for your needs, and therefore can be used only exclusively yours.