DESIGN 30 wall cladding made of concrete bricks for the wall

Product no.: STARCEG-LUX 25.14(02)

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28.00 / square metre(s)
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DESIGN 30 wall cladding made of concrete bricks for the wall

This is a line of tiles inspired by Belgian handcrafted bricks and designed in the French "grunge" style. The tiles are available in many unique colors that offer a wide range of design options. They are characterized by incomparable quality, durability and processing quality. The texture of the tiles is uneven, rough and covered with specific grains that are characteristic of natural bricks.

Due to their unique properties, brick tiles can be used for both interior finishing and exterior decoration of buildings. Their undoubted advantage is easy and quick installation, and thanks to the use of special impregnating agents, they do not absorb dirt and moisture.


Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: approx. 24/5 cm
  • Thickness: up to 1.5 cm
  • Material: concrete
  • Weight: 16.15 kg. / Package
  • Packaging: in boxes of 1 m²
  • Shipping on pallets up to: 49 m²
  • The price applies to the purchase of 1 package: 1 m² (1 piece = 1 m² with 1.2 cm joint)


Below you will find specific accessories that are necessary for trouble-free installation and long-term satisfaction with the look of old bricks.



To lay 1 m² of brick you will need:
Primer emulsion for brick tiles - 0.25l / 1m² (minimum pack 1L)
Adhesive for brick tiles - 5 kg / m² (minimum packaging 25 kg)
Decorative grout (gray, old white, white) - 5 kg / m² (minimum packaging 5 kg)
Impregnation for brick tiles - 0.2l / 1m² (minimum packaging 1L)



*** There is a possibility that 10% of the tiles will be cracked / destroyed or similar during transport (a cracked tile does not lose its properties, it can be easily glued to the wall - the crack line will then be like real walls made of old bricks be visible and give it character).


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