Handle Forged Rounded 350 Light steel color-LoftMarkt


Handle Forged Rounded 350 Light steel color-LoftMarkt

Product no.: RusUchwGryf-49.082.HFA.350

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Model: 49.082.HFA.350
Handle Forged Rounded 350 Light steel color

The beautiful and characteristic forms of the furniture handles are popular solutions, which are used in the retro-styled interior spaces. Their universal shapes guarantee a functional application and link to the idyllic and industrial climate.

The presented furniture handle has been designed by hand and has been subjected to the impregnation process, which guarantees resistance to rust and other damage. The beautiful color of the bright steel gives a wide range of possibilities for connecting with solid wooden furniture.

The dimensions in the photo are given in inches.

It has 4 mounting holes, the screws are in set.


Realization time: 1 - 14 days
Width: 350 mm
Height: 75 mm
Distance from the wall: 75 mm
Width of base: 55 mm
Height of base: 63 mm
Material: steel
Color: Steel color

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