Handforged Rounded 180 Black-LoftMarkt


Handforged Rounded 180 Black-LoftMarkt

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Model: 49.082.HFB.180
Handforged Rounded 180 Black

The austere color of natural steel is the standard of rustic interior design. All hand-made accessories are characterized by a rough surface resulting from the proper impregnation process.

The offered handle is based on the use of traditional and tested forms. Its functional shape will ensure convenient use in both horizontal and vertical orientation, facilitating quick access to the contents of wooden cabinets and drawers.

A durable and massive grip that has been very accurately and thoroughly forged.

It has 4 mounting holes, the screws are in set.

Note: The dimensions in the photo are given in inches.


Time of realization: 1 - 14 days
Width: 180 mm
Height: 40 mm
Distance from the wall: 40 mm
Width of base: 35 mm
Height of base: 40 mm
Material: steel
Color: Black

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